Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount For GoPro Max 360 and HERO cameras
Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount For GoPro Max 360 and HERO cameras
Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount For GoPro Max 360 and HERO cameras
Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount For GoPro Max 360 and HERO cameras
Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount For GoPro Max 360 and HERO cameras
Best GoPro Mount for Wakeboarding
Best GoPro Mount For Surfing and Wakesurfing
Floating gopro Mount for boats
Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount For GoPro Max 360 and HERO cameras
Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount For GoPro Max 360 and HERO cameras
Floating Suction cup mount for GoPro HERO 7 6 5 Black
GoPro floaty accessories for water use
Suction cup mount for Surfing Kayaking SUP wakeboarding Jetski
Worlds first floating suction cup mount for action cameras
Newest GoPro Floating accessories for 2020

Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount For GoPro Max 360 and HERO cameras

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That's Right! It FLOATS - Designed to float with all GoPro HERO, MAX 360, and Session cameras. Obviously, it works with your Bodhi Floaty Case, but can also be used without it. Your camera and memories will be safe in the water. (Note: This won't float with Fusion)

WARNING: SUPER Strong Suction Cups - We tested all available suction cup mounts before designing this product. The verdict was clear: Three smaller, high quality suction cups created a stronger seal than the single, larger, "locking" suction cup mounts. This will stick better than anything on the market.

Zero Vibration - The advantage of having three suction cups is 3x the vibration dampening. We took it a step further and removed all of the articulating arms that increase camera wobble, add setup complexity, and more parts that can break. Your videos will look buttery smooth even on the roughest roads.

No Adhesives Required - Designed to replace adhesive based 'surfboard' mounts, stick this bad-boy right on your board, kayak, boat etc and go. No need to wait 24 hours for adhesive to set. No need to stick something permanent on your board. Perfect for capturing that unforgettable session on rental equipment while traveling.

High-Grade, Durable Materials - From the Marine-Grade aluminum mounting nut, to the ultra-durable plastic body, to the specially-formulated suction cups, all of materials are designed for years of salt water exposure, sun exposure and anything else you can throw at it. This will outlive your Action Camera. 

Designed for Shot Diversity - The suction cup can be easily re-positioned to capture different angels of the action. Slap it on your boat, board, kayak or Jetski and easily remove it. Say "Goodbye" to boring GoPro footage and difficult shot set ups.

Palm-Sized - Small footprint and overall size, makes it perfect to throw in your bag or pocket and keeps the mount out of your shot. 

Bright Belly - Designed to float upside down. It will have a neutral top and a bright orange suction cups on the bottom. Easy to spot while floating, neutral while in use.

Great for Rental Gear! - This is the perfect companion for your next vacation. Slap it on the front of a Jetski, Kayak, SUP, Surfboard, or any smooth surface, and capture the fun. 

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I created The Bodhi Floaty Case on a trip to Thailand. I bought a GoPro® Hero 4 Silver to document my adventures. Being a complete novice with the camera, I didn't think twice going body surfing with a head strap and no floaty. This was the result: 

I quickly learned the value of making your GoPro® Float. However, I hated the Floaty Backdoor option. if I didn't want see my LCD, I would have purchased the Black edition! I bought the Silver because the LCD gives vital feedback.

I am also a minimalist, and don't like the idea of carrying a fat "bobber-grip" for water-use and a different pole for land-use. 

A floaty "smartphone case" for your GoPro was the solution! The added benefit of this design would be protection of waterproof-housing and most importantly lens. 

The market agreed [overwhelmingly!] with me and after months of product development, The Bodhi Floaty Case was born! 

If you are not 100% satisfied with the your purchase, return it for a replacement or refund. No questions asked. Full-year warranty. 

Full year warranty, 100 Money back

“I almost lost my $500 GoPro® after 5 minutes in the water. Now I use Bodhi Floaty every time! "

- Matt Bode, Designer @ Bodhi

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Life changer

I’ve never loved anything more than my bodhi floaty suction cup mount. I took it surfing almost everyday for 3 years. Huge surf took it off my board maybe 2 times and right away I was able to come up for air and find my little GoPro bouncing in the foam waiting for me to find it again. Finally after all the abuse I gave it, one of the suction cups came out. I would do anything to find another one and they are sold out. Bought the cheap non floaty suction cup mount on Amazon and have lost 3 GoPros to the ocean now…. I hope they make more. I’m waiting for the day when I can grab another Bodhi suction cup and paddle back out with confidence again. I love you so much Bodhi Floaty Suction cup mount!

Great Packaging

Great packaging. I am looking forward to using this on my boat this Summer.

Happy with it

It stays suctioned to kayak and works well.

Patti C.
It worked great throughout the whole surf session

Tried out my new Bodhi Floaty today and it worked perfectly. It uses very strong suction cups so it can be moved from one board to another.

David C.
Great Idea

Loving my Bodhi Floaty. It sticks like crazy and I can reposition it to get the best shot!

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