About Us

I created The Bodhi Floaty Case on a trip to Thailand. I bought a GoPro® Hero 4 Silver to document my adventures. Being a complete novice with the camera, I didn't think twice going body surfing with a head strap and no floaty. This was the result: 

I quickly learned the value of making your GoPro® Float. However, I hated the Floaty Backdoor option. if I didn't want see my LCD, I would have purchased the Black edition! I bought the Silver because the LCD gives vital feedback.

I am also a minimalist, and don't like the idea of carrying a fat "bobber-grip" for water-use and a different pole for land-use. 

A floaty "smartphone case" for your GoPro was the solution! The added benefit of this design would be protection of waterproof-housing and most importantly lens. 

The market agreed [overwhelmingly!] with me and after months of product development, The Bodhi Floaty Case was born!