Will the Floaty Case still float with a my pole? 

  • Of the poles we've tested, if it's marketed as "waterproof" it will float with the Bodhi Floaty Case. Unfortunately, there are too many poles on the market to test them all. Please contact us if you have a question about a specific pole. 

Will the Floaty Case work for my GoPro?

  • This will fit on HERO4 [Black and Silver] HERO3+[Black, Sliver, and White] HERO, HERO+, HERO+LCD. 

Will the Floaty Case work for my Hero 3 camera?

  • It is not designed for the larger Hero 3 housing. You may be able to force the housing in the Bodhi Floaty Case but I would not recommend it. You can however, fit the Hero 3 camera into the Hero 3+ or Hero 4 waterproof housing use the Bodhi Floaty Case that way.
  • Watch this for further clarification: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSpADnBL5Q8 

Can I use this with my Dive Housing?

  • No, this case only works for the Standard housing, Blackout housing, and Camo housing. 

    Can I use an LCD or Battery BacPac with Floaty Case? 

    • Yes!

    What is Floaty Case made out of?

    • It is made out of a surprisingly hard, rubber-like material that protects and allows your camera to float. A lot of customers expect the case to be a bit softer; it's sturdy ;)

    Can you take it on and off? 

    • Yes, the camera will fit snuggly in the Floaty Case, but you can easily remove it. 

    Whats included?

    • Your Floaty Case purchase includes a long thumb screw. 

    Will this float with any Pole or Mount?

    • No! There are heavier mounts that will drag this down. It is important to test any mount in a safe environment, like a pool or shallow water, before fully relying on the Bodhi Floaty.