Bodhi Floaty for HERO 7, HERO 6 and HERO 5 Black
GoPro Floaty exposed screen For HERO7
GoPro Floaty Waterproof For HERO 7
GoPro Hero 7 Hero 6, Hero 5 Floaty

Bodhi Floaty Case, for GoPro HERO 7, HERO 6 and HERO 5 Black

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We've designed the best GoPro HERO 7 floaty! (works with HERO 6 and HERO 5 Black too) No need to have floating specific grips or mounts. God forbid you have to cover your camera's screen with a sponge! Use this with most poles and it will float. Use this with Chesty or Headstrap with no problems. WE'VE THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING! This is the only solution you'll need for not losing your GoPro in the water.

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    • This ultra-floaty, hard-rubber case will prevent your camera from sinking like a rock. It's bright orange color makes it easy to find on the surface of the water. This will keep your priceless memories and expensive new GoPro in your possession. It will also help from ruining your day, vacation or honeymoon.


    • This ultra-buoyant, hard-rubber case will float even when attached to larger mounts, harnesses or BACPAC's®.
    • Durable material protects your waterproof housing and lens. 


    •  The Bodhi Floaty allows you to see and touch the display in the water. Since you can frame and review your shots, your photos and videos will come out looking amazing
    • Works great with mounts, harnesses, poles and grips. No trade-offs or bad use-cases. Unlike floaty backdoors, it works great with Headstrap and Chesty mounts and does block your LCD. Floating grips and poles leave you unprotected when your camera is mounted on your body, a surfboard, kayak, jet ski, etc. We would never do that to you ;)
    • Fits around your camera like a smartphone case, and can be quickly put on or removed. No need to hassle with attaching it to a backdoor. No need to put adhesive on your GoPro Housing or trust those adhesives to stick. Does not rely on velcro because thats a terrible idea (unless you want to lose your GoPro)


    • The Bodhi Floaty takes full advantage of the three mic system. Your footage will sound great

    If you are not 100% satisfied with the your purchase, return it for a replacement or refund. No questions asked. Full-year warranty. 

    Full year warranty, 100 Money back

    “I almost lost my $500 GoPro® after 5 minutes in the water. Now I use Bodhi Floaty every time! "

    - Matt Bode, Designer @ Bodhi