Discover how to get the most from your GoPro in the water

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Alright! So you’ve got an awesome day out on the water coming up and you’ve gotta share the stoke after the session. So you charge up the battery, and think about what gear you need.

You don’t want to bring a ton of gear out with you. That’s a easy way to kill the session.

You don’t want a bunch of boring videos from the same angle. And most importantly you don’t want to ruin the activity while trying to capture it.

I can go into a million-and-one tips for how to get the best camera angles, and how make your edits mesmerizing, I’m going to start more basic.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer or if you’ve just turned your GoPro on for the first time, you’re not going to get anything out of your GoPro if you fail to do The One Thing.

If your goal is to capture the session, and not ruin it, one thing can cause you to fail epically at both of these aims: Losing your GoPro.

You will most certainly get the VERY LEAST out of your GoPro if you lose it.

Not only do you lose the expensive hardware, but you lose ALL of the content for that day, and possibly more. GoPro’s can be replaced, but the memories cannot be re-lived and shared. Here’s how you prevent disaster:

Make the camera float. ALWAYS.

It doesn’t matter if that mount is sturdy. Most GoPro mounts are made of plastic and plastic can break. Especially with high-speed impacts that you’re likely to have a few times per session.

GoPro’s sink like rocks and chances are the water is either deep, merky or moving - probably all three - so once that GoPro pops-off, its gone.

Which Floaty is the best for water sports?

GoPro offers two floating solutions:

  1. A floaty backdoor
  2. A floaty grip

Mounting the GoPro is the best way to capture sessions. [More on that below!] Your hands are usually busy, so Grips or Selfie sticks are usually out of the question, or at minimum a huge inconvenience and distraction.

However, if you’ve got a good system for holding your grip in your wetsuit, the newest Floaty grip made by GoPro is a great option.

Why is it a great option?

Two reasons.

  1. It’s relatively small, so you can hopefully squeeze it somewhere into your wetsuit or bathing suit pocket
  2. It has a quick release clip that allows you to quickly change your camera angle. If you’ve ever reviewed your footage thats all from a single point-of-view you know, perspective variety makes your edits WAY more watchable.

One thing to highlight! The quick release is a piece of plastic that can, and does break. If it breaks, obviously your GoPro won’t float anymore AKA that camera is GONE. It’s a good idea to use this WITH a Floaty for the camera, although it may seem like overkill at 1st glance.  

Ok great, so floaty backdoor it is! - Not so fast

The Floaty backdoor blocks the LCD. Nothing quite like reviewing your footage and realizing you framed EVERY shot wrong. Being able to check the shot in the LCD before filming will make every shot better.

Also, If you are doing any board-sports one of the most popular mounts is the Mouth Mount, or Bite Mount.

The problem with using the floaty backdoor with a Bite Mount is the Floaty is resting on your chin the entire time, limiting your downward camera angle. From that point-of-view, all of the action is happening below you, but the Floaty backdoor limits your ability to point the camera downward. So it’s not a great fit for you.

But there is another option: Enter the Bodhi Floaty

The most versatile floaty, by far, is the Bodhi Floaty. It doesn’t block the LCD. It doesn’t limit your shooting angles when mounted on a surfboard, Kite-line, boat, Jet ski etc. It also floats with WAY more accessories than the Floaty Backdoor so it works with poles, grips and mounts that may not float on their own. If you don’t want to ruin your day and lose all your memories, buy a Bodhi Floaty.

Heres what Surfers, Wakeboarders and others had to say about the bodhi floaty:

Good product review video showing it with a MyGo Mouth Mount I use while surfing

Brian Behrens on Feb 04, 2018

Product lives up to how it's described. I like the form factor and that it offers a access to the touch screen. Checkout my video for more. Reason I didn't give it a 5 is because it's still bulky in size, but not sure that's avoidable.


Happy with it!

Wake Dude’s review on Sep 06, 2017

If I am going to the lake, I don't leave home without it! I am loving this product! I have had it for about a month and it has helped give me a peace of mind while using my GoPro Hero 5 in the water! I use it mainly to shoot wake boarding and it works great! It floats the GoPro great, I also pair it with a floating pole and its great!


Saved my YI 4k twice!

Alyssa on Aug 08, 2017

Got this as a gift from my ex. He bought it for me since I had just gotten hit in the face by my GoPro while it was attached to my surfboard and nearly broke my nose! Fortunately I haven't done that again so I can't comment on how well it would work to soften the impact, but I tested it as soon as I got it and was definitely buoyant.I just upgraded from my GoPro Hero to a YI 4k and I thought this Bodhi case would be useless to me now that I barely use the old GoPro. To my surprise, this kinda fits (poorly) on the YI 4k waterproof case! I can say it fits well enough that it went through a wipeout on a shallow beach break (went straight over the falls, hahaha) and my Yi was waiting on the surface of the water for my dumb*** that forgot to tether it to my surfboard. Very happy with this! Doesn't obscure the screen like the velcro floaties do. I attached some photos so you guys can see how it fits.

Great product! Works with both my GoPro 3+ and ...

Amazon Customer on Jan 10, 2017

Great product! Works with both my GoPro 3+ and GoPro 5 inclusive of the protective covering of both GoPros. This design also works much better than using a floaty back when filming surfing using a GoPro mouth mount, which is typically the best method in which to get realistic shots. Finally, the increased orange surface area also works better in that it makes the GoPro more buoyant than a floaty back, and it is easier to spot when attempting to retrieve it floating in the surf. Highest marks.Mike Gregory

Worth it in water.

Jered Cuenco on Dec 23, 2016

Secure and floats. Took it wakeboarding and will hold the GoPro as well as a flexible mounting arm no problem. Easy to see.

Here's a a taste of what the product offers:

Remember your highlights forever - This ultra-floaty, hard-rubber case will prevent your camera from sinking like a rock. It's bright orange color makes it easy to find on the surface of the water. This will keep your priceless memories and expensive new GoPro, in your possession, as well as help from ruining your day in the water.

Get the Instagram-perfect shot - The Bodhi Floaty allows you to see and touch the display in the water. Since you can frame and review your shots, your photos and videos will come out looking amazing!

Most Versatile Floaty- Works great in anywhere you can imagine. Unlike floaty backdoors, it works great with Bite mounts, Board mounts, and Line mounts. Floating grips and poles leave you unprotected when your camera is mounted on your body, a surfboard, kayak, jet ski, etc. We would never do that to you ;)

Relive the sights AND sounds - Your videos aren’t complete without great audio. The Bodhi Floaty takes full advantage of the GoPro’s three mic system. Your videos will be more immersive and highlights more vivid.  

Easy to put on - Fits around your camera like a smartphone case, and can be quickly put on or removed when you need to re-charge batteries or upload your session.



The Bodhi Floaty is our flagship product but we've learned something super valuable in the years we've been selling the Bodhi Floaty: 

Everyone wants to use a suction cup mount in the water. 

Suction cup mounts are great! Pop them on when you want a shot, pop them off when you're done. 

The problem is that GoPro's suction cup mount is BIG, and HEAVY. They even say themselves, "Do not use this mount in the water!" 

Even with the Bodhi Floaty attached, we've had customers lose their whole GoPro set up in the water by using the GoPro brand suction cup mount in the water. 

But we set out to create a solution! 

Enter the Bodhi Floaty suction cup mounts: 


That's Right! It floats - Designed to float with all GoPro HERO cameras. (it won't float with Fusion). Obviously, it works with your Bodhi Floaty Case, but can also be used without it in a pinch. Your camera and memories will be safe in the water. 

Palm-Sized - Small footprint and overall size, makes it perfect to throw in your bag or pocket and keeps the mount out of your shot. 

Bright Belly - Designed to float upside down. It will have a neutral top and a bright orange bottom. Easy to spot while floating, neutral while in use.

Best Suction Cups Available - We've tested tons of suction cups and these perform better than anything available. To our surprise, even better than GoPro's 'locking' suction cup design.

No Adhesives Required - Designed to replace adhesive based 'surfboard' mounts, stick this bad-boy right on your board, Kayak, boat etc and go. No need to wait 24 hours for adhesive to set. No need to stick something permanent on your board. Perfect for capturing that unforgettable session on rental equipment while traveling.

Designed for Shot Diversity - The suction cup can be easily re-positioned to capture different angels of the action. Also, the quick release on top allows you to quickly remove the GoPro and attach it to another mount, providing even more shot diversity. Say "Goodbye" to boring GoPro footage. 

 "I almost lost my GoPro while using the heavier, GoPro-brand Suction cup mount while kayaking. I accidentally bumped the mount and knocked it off. Luckily the water was shallow and I was able to find it but I learned my lesson! I like that this one is low-profile, light and it floats. Its good for quickly switching angles and borrowing equipment on trips."

- Terje A. - Beta-Tester of this product  


"I love this mount for recreational, Quick use - Slap it on the Boat, Kayak or SUP. I am not interested in the adhesive mounts - I like this better because it is swappable."

- Bruce T. - Beta-Tester

This product just finished the "Beta-Testing" phase and is about to enter production, but you can Pre-Order it now and get it 50% off! As soon as we get the first production run, estimated for June of this year, we'll ship it to you immediately! 

If you want this product at 50%, act now! Once this product is available for purchase you'll pay full price.