Discover how to get the most from your GoPro during your next adventure

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For everyone who isn’t an Instragram ‘influencer’ or travel blogger, we need to suck every drop of enjoyment out of our adventures. For me, that means two things:

  1. Capturing the trip, without ruining the moment.
  2. Reliving the experience by sharing it with friends and family

While I can go into a million-and-one tips for how to capture moments, and make those moments pop on social media, I’m going to start more basic. (And then point you to the best resources for everything above).

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer or if you’ve just turned your GoPro on for the first time, you’re not going to get anything out of your GoPro if you fail to do The One Thing.

If your Goal is to capture the trip, and not ruin the moment, one thing can cause you to fail epically at both of these aims: Losing your GoPro.

You will most certainly get the VERY LEAST out of your GoPro on your next vacation if you lose it.

Not only do you lose the expensive hardware, but you lose ALL of the content for that day, and possibly for that trip. GoPro’s can be replaced, but the memories cannot be re-lived and shared. Here’s how you prevent disaster:

Make the camera float. Travelers usually aren’t risking their GoPro at high-speed, during extreme sports. Summer is when most people travel, so the number one place a traveler will lose a GoPro is in the water. GoPro’s sink like rocks and if the water is deep, merky or moving, chances are it’s gone the second it drops.

Mounting the GoPro is the best way to capture moments, without taking away from those moments. Pop it on the surfboard, kayak, or boat and go in the water as normal.  The Bodhi Floaty excels when the GoPro is mounted; another reason why it’s great for adventures.

It's most versatile floaty, by far. It works when it’s mounted on a surfboard, Kayak, boat etc. It works with poles and grips that may not float on their own. If you don’t want to ruin your trip and lose all your memories, buy a Bodhi Floaty.

Here's what fellow travelers had to say:

A Life-Jacket for your GoPro...a Life saver too!!

Jeremy E. Elwell on Jul 07, 2017

I ordered the Bodhi Floaty for an upcoming beach trip. You see, I am hard on a 3 year old boy playing in the sandbox hard...I wanted something that would give my GoPro Hero 5 a fighting chance! I was pleasantly surprised with the Bodhi Floaty. It fit great, allowed access to buttons and microphones, and let me keep the original Go Pro case on it too. Did I mention it floats! The way I see it is, this is not only a flotation device (or life-jacket as I call it) for my GoPro, but it is one heck of a protective cover too. I'll use this all Summer on the boat, at the beach, in the lake, pool, and rivers....BUT I'm going to being hitting the powder with this case this winter too! I just like the idea of being able to see that bright orange box sticking out of the snow when I take a tumble...Check out my video of a review I did testing it out in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Cindy:Journey Everyday

Excellent for Vacation 

Parker on Mar 24, 2017

This is one of the first things that i ordered when I received my gopro for Christmas. I chose this one because it allows access to the back screen something that most of the other floating cases do not do. I recently returned from a cruise to the Caribbean and this product worked phenomenal. In addition to this case I had the short gopro floating handle and a Floaty pro wrist strap just to make sure I was more than covered. This case was put to its paces from hiking in the rain forest to jet skiing to underwater videos it saw a good bit of use. One of the things that I like the best is that the LCD screen was accessible to know what I was capturing and that the float actually helped to protect the camera and lens when hiking and climbing through caves where the camera was bouncing on the rocks. I highly recommend this

It is easy on and easy off, but, more importantly - it works great.

THNJ on Jul 18, 2018

I purchased a GoPro Hero 6 in March for a western Caribbean cruise that involved multiple water excursions and a zip lining trip in Mexico. I was not a fan of GoPro's option float as you would not be able to see the rear screen. This product is AWESOME! It is well-made, very visible and the camera/housing fit well within the float. I kept it on for the entire trip, including having it on a chest strap while zip lining. It will provide some protection from any incidents as it is well passed. I highly recommend this product!

Here's a a taste of what the product offers:

Remember your trip forever - This ultra-floaty, hard-rubber case will prevent your camera from sinking like a rock. It's bright orange color makes it easy to find on the surface of the water. This will help keep your priceless memories and expensive new GoPro, in your possession, as well as help from ruining your day, vacation or honeymoon.

Get the Instagram-perfect shot - The Bodhi Floaty allows you to see and touch the display in the water. Since you can frame and review your shots, your photos and videos will come out looking amazing!

Stay in the moment - You don’t vacation to experience life through a tiny GoPro LCD. The Bodhi Floaty shines when your GoPro is mounted because it doesn’t limit your camera angles with Headstrap, Chesty, or Bite mounts. Floating grips and poles  are great but they require a more active recording and leave you unprotected when your camera is mounted on your body, a surfboard, kayak, jet ski, etc. We would never do that to you ;)

Relive the sights AND sounds - Your Travel videos aren’t complete without great audio. The Bodhi Floaty takes full advantage of the GoPro’s three mic system. Your videos will be more immersive and experiences more vivid.  

Easy to put on - Fits around your camera like a smartphone case, and can be quickly put on or removed when you need to re-charge or upload your adventures.